Cultural Books!

You have here an interesting assortment of cultural books of the Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish. The cultural books include Pennsylvania Dutch folklore, covered bridges, hex signs and other barn decorations, early home remedies, Scherenschnitte traditional papercutting, old toys, household tools and tasks, and a look at the Pa Dutchman's way of life in early America.

Do enjoy reading them!

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Pennsylvania Dutch
Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore
Covered Bridges
Hex Signs and Other Barn Decorations
Early American Home Remedies
Scherenschnitte Papercutting
Toys Delights From The Past
Household Tools and Tasks
Pa Dutch Cultural Book Pennsylvania Dutch
Pennsylvania Dutch
Pa Dutch Cultural Book Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore
Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore
Pa Dutch Cultural Book Covered Bridges
Covered Bridges
Pa Dutch Cultural Book Hex Signs and Other Barn Decorations
Hex Signs
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