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Pennsylvania Dutch Needlepoint Designs
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By Marcia Loeb, this Pennsylvania Dutch Needlepoint Designs book is chartered for easy use.

This collection os needlpoint designs contains 53 Pennsylvania Dutch motifs.

Included are many of the most commonly used Penna Dutch motifs, such as the tulip, the heart, the bird, the urn, parrot, angels, hex symbols, geometrics and more plus a full alphabet and list of numerals. The charming patterns and motifs used have long endeared Penna Dutch wares to collectors and craftsmen.

The designs are planned for working on a #10 needlepoint canvas and are well suitable for pillows, pictures, purses, and wall hangings,etc.

Do enjoy using this vibrant folk art in your crafts!

Pennsylvania Dutch
FREE! "Night life of the Pennsylvania Dutch" (Better known as "Bundling") tells about the bedroom habits of the Pa Dutch people.

Bundling or bedroom courting, was and perhaps still is, a most unusual way of wooing ones sweetheart.

To a Dutchman, to bundle means to go to the bedroom of a sweetheart to talk to one another, but not taking off the clothes or at least not very many.

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