Pa Dutch Cultural Books


We have books on hex signs, early home remedies, household tools, old toys, covered bridges, traditional papercutting, Pa Dutch folklore, and the Pa Dutchman's way of life.

Pennsylvania Dutch
left_img Take a fascinating picture trip into the living past. Full color pictures and stories of the enchanting Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish. 26 pages.
Price: $4.00 Stock #: PD
Covered Bridges
left_img The charms of yesterday that still grace our country. Covered bridges from the Pennsylvania Dutchland, where they were known as "kissin' brdiges." B/W. 42 pages. Full color cover.
Price: $4.00 Stock #: CB-AA
Toys Delights From The Past
left_img Sit back and enjoy a look at these old toy delights and maybe smile a little as you remember your past.
Illustrations from a rare collection. B/W. 32 pages
Price: $4.00 Stock #: TOY-AA
Household Tools and Tasks
left_img This book is from the days of self-sufficiency. It has illustrations of baking, butchering, washing, ironing, sewing, cooking, cleaning and preserving. Very interesting book for person interested in early America. B/W. 32 pages.
Price: $4.00 Stock #: HTT-AA
Scherenschnitte (PaperCutting)
left_img This is a book about traditional papercutting. The Pa Dutch hausfrau used every scrap of paper to decorate her tables, shelves and mantles with this lovely art of papercutting. B/W. 31 pages.
Price: $4.00 Stock #: STP-AA