Hex Signs

In times past the Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German) people painted these hex signs on barns and outbuildings for good luck. Today as you drive through the Pa Dutch countryside you can still see authentic hex signs decorating their buildings. Perhaps you may see some of the hex signs I personally scribed and painted on many barns in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Every hex sign has a meaning and our selection represents luck, strength, long life, fertility, house blessing, luck all year round, happiness, love, romance, marriage, understanding, and
(Wilkum) welcome!

Our hex signs are durable masonite faced white surfaces, very colorfully designed and then finished in enamel. Beautifully crafted by kinfolk in Lancaster County, Pa.

The hex signs are great for blessing your home or outbuilding! Believe us, the signs are wonderful-good for gifts or "chust-for-nice." Easy hanging details for indoor or outdoor use come with every order.

All are available in 8", 16" and 24" sizes. Please click on the hex signs to see further details and to bring up the order page. Thanks!

Available in 8" - - - 9.75
Available in 16" - - 17.50
Available in 24" - - 22.50

Luck of the Irish Hex Sign
Double Distelfink Hex Sign
Distelfink Hex Sign
Mighty Oak Hex Sign
Fertility Hex Sign
Bless This House Hex Sign
Daddy of all Hexes Hex Sign
Love & Marriage Hex Sign
Double Wilkum Hex Sign
Friendship & Understanding Hex Sign
Love & Romance Hex Sign
Chestnut Horse Hex Sign

Pa Dutch Hex Sign Luck of the Irish
Luck of the Irish
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Double Distelfink
Double Distelfink
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Distelfink
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Mighty Oak
Mighty Oak
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Fertility
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Bless This House
Bless This House
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Daddy of all Hexes
Daddy of all Hexes
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Love & Marriage
Love & Marriage
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Double Wilkum
Double Wilkum
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Friendship & Understanding
Friendship & Understanding
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Love & Romance
Love & Romance
Pa Dutch Hex Sign Horse Hex Sign
Horse Hex Sign
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